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Industry News
Nearly half of U.S. Homeowners Don't Know
Insurance Covers Rebuilding Costs, Not Sales
Price of Their Home, Says Insurance
Information Institute Study

In the I.I.I.'s 2011 Insurance Pulse Survey,
conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation,
nearly half (48 percent) of survey respondents
came to that mistaken conclusion. Read more.

Consumer Education
Use these industry articles to help educate your
customers on the importance of keeping their home
insured to its proper replacement value.

Home prices are down but insurance prices are
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When should we use wings in the estimator?
Use wings when different sections of the home
have either:
. Different years built or;
. Different number of stories and the roof line is not continuous

Additional guidance:
If the home has an addition, the original part of
the home would be considered the main section
and the addition as a wing. (For Example: Home
built in 1955 with a 1985 addition: Put the 1955
section of the home in as the main and the 1985
addition as the wing).

If the number of stories is not consistent
throughout the home, section the home based on
number of stories. (For Example: Home built in
1993 that is part two story and part one story: If
the main living area is in the two story section,
make this the main section and put the one story
section in as the wing.

How do I input cathedral ceilings?
When entering a home with cathedral ceilings.
users should first consider the style of home and
number of stories. Then they should account for
the percentage of the home with cathedral

If the cathedral ceiling is located in a section of
the home that appears to have a different
number of stories, should we treat it as a

Not necessarily. Just because an area of the home has a different number of stories and a cathedral ceiling, doesn't mean that that area with the cathedral ceiling is a wing. For example, the family room in a home can have a cathedral ceiling, but the family room doesn't have to be considered a wing. A wing can also have cathedral ceilings, but the presence of a cathedral ceiling is not the determining factor as to whether a wing exists. When guiding users on this question, emphasize the definition of "wing" to help with the appropriate way to enter the home in RCT.

Who should I contact if I have a question
regarding an inspection or replacement cost

Your assigned underwriter is your main contact
person for inspection or replacement cost

How is Travelers responding to states that
adopted mandatory sprinkler laws?

Ordinance or law coverage is not always enough to cover sprinkler-related costs since other building codes changes may also be required. Accordingly, the RCT automatically defaults to 100% sprinkler for states that recently adopted mandatory sprinkler laws. Impacted states are California and Maryland.

South Carolina and Pennsylvania recently overturned their mandatory sprinkler requirement. MSB has removed the 100% sprinkler system default for South Carolina. Information for Pennsylvania's system update should be available soon. Please refer to this document for instructions on how to remove sprinkler defaults from individual estimates in Travelers RCT Express standalone tool.

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